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Being a Matured aged student is supposed to be in my favour right…  Wrong, i am so nervous, yes i have life skills, I have experience in running my own business – two in fact, which one we exited after eleven years. Nothing can be as hard as that right…. WRONG!

So many mixed emotions, excitement for a new chapter in my life, excitement for all the knowledge to learn, but quietly on the insides gut wrenching nerves are rolling round.

I am 42 years old, well just about to turn 43 any day now.  So going backwards in my life, I am employed part time – two days a week, which has turned out to be five days a week at an environmental re-vegetation company, i sought this “part time” job a few months after we exited one of our business which we ran for eleven years, because I couldn’t stand sitting around home, boredom started.

The business we ran was a successful Water ski and Boat shop. My husband and I ran this shop for 6 days of the week.  We spent a lot of time travelling and sponsoring events Central and Northern Queensland wide, dragging our three children to demo days, water ski tournaments and to trade shows.

The reason we opened our business was our love of water skiing, and why not open a business where you love doing what you do.

Prior to our business days I always worked in administration or account clerk positions.  One of my career highlights was working as an accounts clerk within Anglicare in Rockhampton, this is where my eyes were opened to how “the other half lived”. I am in no way a snob, but this was definitely my “ahh haa” moment, not every one lives the same as my family and our circle of friends. I absolutely loved working here, and the group of friends I formed here will always hold a close memory in my heart.

My husband and I met at a young age and had three fantastic children who are now 21, 18 and 14.  My family are my everything, I have a wonderful kind, hardworking man who is my best friend and my children, two girls and a boy, are my universe, there is nothing we would not try and do for our children, no topic of discussion is ever off limits – so if you ever coming to dinner at my house, who knows where the conversation will flow.   We will sit for hours after our evening meal and discuss anything, I love that my children and their partners sit and laugh and talk and make fun of each other well after the meal has finished. Hopefully my children will raise their children in a open minded house hold and carry this tradition into their homes when they have families.

I was raised and born in a small town, with English parents.  My three sisters and my brother are my closest friends.  We all moved away from the town of Mackay where we now have all one by one moved back to. My husband is the baby of ten children who are also a close knit family and I can honestly say – I HAVE THE BEST INLAWS EVER!

I love camping, I love cake decorating, yes i am also a crazy chicken lady, I love sunsets, watersking is our hobby and something outside my box – my husband and I are doing a trek-tour in Nepal in October.

I am 43 in seven days time, I am a mother, I have been a business owner, I am an employee.  I have been contemplating over the past three years over the pros and cons of becoming a Property Valuer.  Am i too old?, am I smart enough?, am i being unrealistic?, would my studying be a burden financially on my family?, but do you know what, i bit the bullet, one night in the shower I thought “Why Not”?  So here I am about to embark on the next very exciting chapter of my life, after all…


Our actions and decisions today will shape the way we will be living our future.


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